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Remington 700 6.8 SPC

Custom light weight varmint rifle 6.8 spc with 22" barrel, pillar bedded stock, Weaver tactical rings and bases. BSA scope was supplied by the customer


Winchester 1894

This Winchester Pre 64' Model 94 was converted to an original design Winchester 1894 with a full 26” octagon barrel and magazine tube. The presentation grade wood for the forend was picked to match the grain of the buttstock. The buttstock was refinished. Both pieces of wood were finished in a satin oil. All metal work has a “master” finish. The octagon barrel was hand polished to over 1500 grit. The forend and buttstock were hand checkered to in a traditional manor.

Winchester 1894
Winchester 1894 Winchester 1894 Winchester 1894

Mauser Mannlicher

This rifle originally had a standard sporterized stock. We replaced the existing stock with a custom built full length mannlicher stock. The metal work was limited to the installation of a new grip cap, buttplate, front and rear sights as well as the barrel being cut to 21" and a target crown added. Stock was finished with a 2000 grit buffed hand rubbed oil. The action is a stock Mauser 98. With the forend being tapered down to the cap, and the overall dimensions of the stock being rather minimalistic, this rifle handles quickly.


Custom Varmint Rifle

 We were supplied with the Remington 721 action. The bottom metal was replaced with a current factory one. Barrel is a custom Benchmark chambered in a .260 Remington with 6 deeply cut flutes and target crown. The metal has a parkerized finish. Stock is a custom Bell & Carlson. The action is topped with a customer requested EGW base and Leuopold scope and rings.


Custom .22 Benchrest

Full custom built rifle with a CZ 452 at it's heart. The barrel is a custom one-of-a-kind Lilja tight bore cut at 24" with a deeply recessed target crown that helps to reduce noise. An Anschutz style stock was crafted from blue/black laminated birch. The trigger was worked to be adjustable down to 6oz. The bolt handle was removed, lengthened, and a oversized tactical type knob permanently added. The dovetail that adorns the top of the action from the factory was removed and a weaver type rail installed with screws. Stock finish is satin oil. Scope is a Weaver T-36 with fine crosshair. Though not visible in these pictures, there is a removable aluminum plate for riding on a certain front rest.

custom 22
custom 22 custom 22

Mauser 24/47

Restocked Mauser 24/47. All metal work done in a “master” finish. The action was drilled and tapped for a scope mount and Warne bases and rings installed. The bolt handle was bent and reshaped to be more pleasing. A low profile safety was installed. The trigger was replaced with a Timney. The stock was shaped to the customer's specifications and sanded down to reveal this beauty. A highly figured piece of rosewood was cut to form the forend tip and grip cap. Finish is a hand rubbed oil that was buffed at 2000 grit. The rifle shoots sub-moa groups with factory ammo. The scope is a Swift Tactical 30mm.

mauser 2447
Mauser Foreend rosewood grip cap master finish

6.5 Grendel Bolt Rifle

 This 6.5 Grendel Bolt Rifle is sporting a custom trigger guard.

6.5 grendel bolt rifle
6.5 grendel bolt rifle 6.5 grendel bolt rifle