Dietrich Gunsmithy

1541 Otis Rd, Otis, ME 04605

(207) 537-2527

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Service Policy

Dietrich Gunsmithy is not a parts supplier or retailer. We provide the parts needed for repair services only.

We do not take trades, or buy used guns.

There is an up-front deposit of $32.00 on each weapon accepted for service.

All weapons for repair(i.e. the weapon is broken or not working properly) must have a minimum current value of $400. Value is established by Blue Book. "Repair" does not include bluing, customization, alteration, modification, or refurbishing.

Labor is warranted for 30 days. Parts are warranted by the manufacturer. There is no warranty on customer supplied parts.

Weapons brought in or shipped to us for service must include the magazine if one is required. There is a $25.00 fee added for repairs on weapons without the required magazine.

Range firing of weapons is only available April 15th through November 30th. Bore sighting available year round.

Dietrich Gunsmithy will notify the customer by phone or email when their firearm is ready. Pick-up and payment is due within 60 days of notice. If payment is not received in full within the 60-days, customers will be notified by certified letter. Failure to pay the invoice in full within 15 days of the receipt of the certified letter will result in the gun becoming the property of Dietrich Gunsmithy. We reserve the right to sell the completed firearm/parts to satisfy the outstanding invoice balance.

Please call or email if you are shipping a gun to us. Shipping