Dietrich Gunsmithy

1541 Otis Rd, Otis, ME 04605

(207) 537-2527

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Other Metal Work

flash hider bolt jeweling cut and crown

We thread barrels on our lathe to assure accuracy with the bore. Our threads are single point cut on the lathe, not cut with a die. We offer SAE and metric, left or right handed.

We offer fluting in 6 or 9 flutes.

The bolt jeweling is performed on the mill with close tolerances to achieve the most symmetric patterns. Our jeweling patterns can closely duplicate factory originals.

Dietrich Gunsmithy offers muzzle crowning. All crowning is single point cut in line with the bore. We can reproduce any pattern and also offer unique designs.

Other Common Services

  • Complete cleaning
  • Drill and tap receiver or barrel
  • Installation of barrels and liners
  • Lap lugs
  • Lap barrel
  • Rebarreling
  • Rechambering
  • Trigger work

Please call or email if you are shipping a gun to us. Shipping