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Sight Work

site work

Bore sighting - This is available year round. We will get it "on paper".

Range sighting of guns - This service is only offered between April and November at 50 yards or 100 yards. Please remember that everyone will shoot a gun a little different. What works for us may not provide the exact results for you.

Scope mounting - We will make sure that the rings are properly aligned to the bore. Rings are tightened with a torque wrench to make sure they are not too tight or too lose. Screws are applied with non-permanent Loc-Tite when applicable.

custom site

This is a custom mount for a photo-optic vision system developed for a blind marksman. It uses sight to sound technology to enable the shooter to "hear" the target. Use the link below to check him out on YouTube!

Other sight work available:

  • Custom built mounts
  • Cut dovetail in barrel or slide
  • Install front sight ramp
  • Install receiver/peep sights
  • Install shotgun mid or front bead

Please call or email if you are shipping a gun to us. Shipping